Suggestions on how to play Edge Hill from
Owner/Designer Mark D. Graves 


Nine more holes of challenging golf has been added to Edge Hill with a grand opening for full play in the summer of 2014.  As with any new golf course it will take 18-24 months for the new nine holes to mature. There is still some sections of clearing to be done and you may also find a few rocks still in your path.  Please feel free to move your lie away from any debris within your playing field.  Each hole at Edge Hill has multiple options of how to be played.  Drivers to short irons can be used off the tees as position is extremely important to be able to score well.  Enjoy your round at Edge Hill and come back again to watch our course mature.

#1-Par 5: Hit driver off the tee, stay left of the stream. Watch your second shot as there is another stream running along the first green. Sometimes it is easier to lay up in the middle fairway with your second shot.

#2-Par 4: Hit driver as the green is within reach for the long hitters, however, be aware of out of bounds on the right. Once on the green, you’ll want to stay below and    on the same side of the pin.

#3-Par 3: Straight forward tee shot, but watch out for a stream on the left and you don’t want to go long.

#4-Par 5: Sharp dogleg right up the hill, from the middle tee you’ll want to hit your tee shot 200 to 230 yards and stay to the right side of the fairway as it will considerably shorten the hole. Second and third shots up the hill to a large double green as this green is shared with #6.

#5-Par 4: All you can hit with your driver to a generous landing areas. Stay to the right as you may be blocked out on your second shot if you are too far left. Green is tucked in the right corner.

#6-Par 4: Dogleg left with the hole sloping to the right down the hill. All you need is 200 to 230 yards on your tee shot to the dogleg and you will have a little wedge shot to the green. You can hit a driver if you like, as the green can be reached by some.

#7-Par 4: A short hole, the green is reachable with a 210 to 230 yard drive. Don’t miss the green left or right as trouble awaits.

#8-Par 3: Distances vary from the different tees. Don’t miss your tee shot as you’ll have to carry a stream and wetland area. The entire right side of the hole is a lateral water hazard so keep your shot towards the left side.

#9-Par 4: There are two options on this hole. A tee shot 180 yards to the top of the hill, or hit a wood and go all the way to the bottom of the hill. Don’t get caught in the middle as you’ll end up with a down and side hill lie. Be aware of the stream and bunker on your second shot. 

#10-Par 3: 150 yard shot over water. Stay to the right side of the green to be out of trouble.

#11-Par 5: A difficult tee shot as you must clear the stream. There are water hazards on both sides of the hole. On your second shot, don’t get to greedy and hit to the top of the hill where you can visualize the green. A Good chip shot, a birdie putt and off you are off to the next hole.

#12-Par 4: Dogleg left, a 220 to 230 yard tee shot will get you on top of the hill, leaving a short shot onto an elevated green. You can also hit a driver with a draw and land right in front with just a little wedge shot to the green. 

#13, Par 4: Slight downhill dogleg right, this green can be reached by the long hitters if you want to take a chance. A less aggressive approach is to hit your tee shot 200 to 220 yards,that will leave you a wedge to the green. Your ball may run away from you on the green, so be careful.

#14, Par 4: Slight dogleg left, on this short hole, a tee shot of 180 yards will leave you with a wedge shot onto a contoured elevated green.

#15, Par 4: 90 degree dogleg left. Your tee shot should be 180 to 200 yards towards the oak tree in the middle of the fairway. You must hit the ball far enough into the fairway, so you can visualize the green. The green is small, so be cautious on your approach. It’s nearly impossible to shoot over the trees, and hold the green. But, feel free to give it a go if you are feeling lucky.  

#16, Par 3: A tee shot 140 to 150 yards downhill. You must carry the wild flower area, but there is plenty of space to land around the green safely. Don’t go too far right because trees await.

#17, Par 4: Dogleg left, with a left sided stream, which follows all along the fairway. A 220 yard tee shot will leave you with a 150 yard shot to the green. However, if you can hit over the tree the yardage will decrease considerably. Stay away from the right of the green on your second shot.

#18, Par 4: A wonderful finishing hole. Take as much yardage off the tee as you like, however you must carry the wild flower area to the left and the first stream. Be aware of the wetland area on the right and stream on your left. Play over the pond on your second shot to a large green. You’ll want to be on the same side of the green as the flag. You’ll see why when you get up close to the green.